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< Siti in lingua italiana >

EFP  Il tuo sito di fanfiction!
ELER ... Un mondo tutto da scoprire
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< Siti in lingua inglese >

Carrots & Cheese di Ada de Ridderun
Red Moon and White Whiskers di SJ. 'bandit' Laidler
Aestheticism a shoujo, shounen-ai, and yaoi community
Sakura - Crisis
Red Moon Rising-Harry Potter
The altar of fire
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< Siti in lingua francese >

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< Credits >

CoffeeCup HTML Editor Dynamic Drive for free, original DHTML scripts and components, all of which utilize the latest in DHTML and JavaScript technology
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< Fanlist >

passion - the doujinshi fanlisting  Gold Dream ::: Gold Saint Official Fanlisting  dark mousy, legendary phantom thief from DNAngel :: daisuki a shounen-ai fanlisting  <--Saiyuki Gaiden--> The Official Fanlisting  Eternty: A Touya x Yukito Fanlisting  wein und weib - a fanlisting for sha gojyo and cho hakkai  Lovers - the Souma and Kendappa fanlisting
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< Varie >

Open Your Mind, Open Your Heart, shounen ai e shojo ai supperter on the web Local Supporters of Yaoi, for all them Fan Websites that cant show Yaoi material because of site deletion if they do, but love it non the less...
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